Friday, March 14, 2014

Land of Nod and a Happy Ending

It's nice to find happy ending stories, and this seems to be one of them! I saw an instagram post (I was a little late to seeing it, it was posted 6 weeks ago!) about a design in the Land of Nod catalog that was beyond close to a block printed design by textile designer Blake Kahan.

The first image is a screenshot of the initial conversation about the design on Instagram. The middle pic is a product shot from etsy shop Willow Ship and the third is the Land of Nod rug. The "irregularities" of the pattern look fairly specific to Blake's original carving.

Interestingly, I looked for the design on the Land of Nod site and it now credits her as the designer! I'm assuming that means proper payment through licensing, which Land of Nod has a pretty good record of doing. According to their site:
"You could put your Gold Bars Rug in a vault for safekeeping. But you should probably put it on your floor and enjoy its 100% wool softness and bold chevron pattern. It was designed just for us by Blake Kahan."
Hooray for happy endings and artists being able to own their own designs!

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