Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Paper and String

In case it seems I pick on the UO, Inc. empire a little too much, let's talk about Tiffany's, a brand closely associated with a more sophisticated design.

Recently the integrity of a jewelry line by Tiffany has been called into question. According to Unbeige, Tiffany & Co. are creating a suspiciously similar series of items to those of designer Kiel Mead's 2005 line. (Image from the Unbeige article.)

Before I read that article, I read about this experience, from Su Blackwell's blog,
The newly appointed Vice President for Creative and Visual Merchandising at Tiffany and Co. ‘Richard Moore’ contacted me back in August, with a proposal for me to create the designs for their Christmas Windows.
But then I got an email from him saying ‘We have proceeded down a slightly different route for this year’s windows, but thank you for your proposal’.
Seems like ‘they proceeded down a slightly very similar route to me!’

There is a follow up here. The paper cut sculpture above left is Su Blackwell's, as seen on her blog. The sculpture above right is the window display in question, at a Tiffany retail store for the 2010 holiday season.