Thursday, October 17, 2013

NY NOW Market told Abigail Brown "too bad" about her ripped off design, despite the evidence against the poor behavior of Cody Foster.

Dear Abigail:

My name is Scott Kramer, sales directory of NY NOW. Your email has been forwarded to me and I appreciate that you took the time to write us.

The gift industry, along with many industries, is faced with companies working with other’s ideas and designs. I can understand the frustration that you must feel as an artist. This is however a difficult situation for us in that as a show management company we aren’t able to adjudicate these issues. We wouldn’t be within our legal rights to stop them from exhibiting. You could go through our legal system and attempt to stop them from producing any of your designs.

I wish you luck with this and hope you can reach a favorable conclusion.


Scott W Kramer | Sales Director | NY NOW® - LIFESTYLE & NEW!

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